About healthiAR

Welcome to healthiAR.com. We provide the latest in immersive healthcare from AR to XR. Our founder Kristi Hansen Onkka has spent the last 20 years using digital technology to connect patients and healthcare professionals with innovative healthcare products.

Today, virtual reality and augmented reality are shaping a new way to educate, train, diagnose, treat and empathize with patients. These new platforms will change the way in which healthcare is experienced. From branded content to clinical utility, these technologies, coupled with artificial intelligence have the promise to change lives.

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We are currently seeking interviews for original content. If you would like showcase your VR/AR/MR experiences, book, or company on this website, please contact us at together@healthiAR.com.


Contact us at together@healthiAR.com

About Kristi Hansen Onkka

Digital Marketer / Tech Enthusiast / Marketing Professor

Kristi is available for VR/MR/AR speaking engagements, experience demos, and project consultation. For more about her visit GetKristi.com or email her at kristi@getkristi.com