Consultation Resources


Healthcare marketer and healthiAR founder, Kristi Hansen Onkka, offers strategic VR/AR/MR project consultation, interactive demos and speaking engagement services.

Kristi is co-chair of the VR/AR Association Digital Health Committee.


Irena Cronin, CEO of Transformation Group, consults with a broad range of companies on VR/AR/MR/XR strategy.

Shel Israel wrote the book on VR/AR/MR transformative technologies. He is a speaker and author on the subject.

The following companies have created branded virtual reality experiences for healthcare clients:

Happy Finish – Seattle, Washington USA
Kite & Lightning – Los Angeles, California

The Virtual Dutchmen – The Netherlands

The following companies have created clinical utility experiences that adhere to medical and regulatory standards:

Applied VR – Patient experience, Los Angeles, California, USA

Osso VR – Surgical training, Bay Area, California, USA

SimforHealth – Healthcare simulations, France